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We're just getting started.

Monolith is a premier developer of AAA video games based in Kirkland, Washington. Founded in 1994, we’re a focused, single-project studio backed by a global entertainment leader with a rich legacy of critically and culturally significant titles.

Our Middle-earth: Shadow franchise raised the bar for personal, player-driven stories with its award-winning Nemesis System and firmly established Monolith as an innovator in the open-world genre.

For over two decades, we have controlled our destiny through the quality and success of our games. Whether it’s the groundbreaking AI of F.E.A.R., the storytelling and humor of No One Lives Forever, or the visceral action and violence of Blood and Condemned, many of our titles are still considered industry milestones to this day.

We are proud to have 20-year Monolith veterans working alongside brilliant new talent; a testament to our collaborative culture in which every voice is heard and every individual makes a significant contribution to our success.

Together, we share a passion for expanding the possibilities of player-driven storytelling and discovering new frontiers in the open-world genre.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk.

Motion Capture

Game Dev is a contact sport.

Housed within a 700-square-foot capture volume, our 39 camera Motion Analysis system has the technical fidelity to show every minute detail of a dismembered Uruk, every nuanced movement of a Ranger at The Black Gate, and absolutely anything else that pops into our twisted developer's minds. Monolith's MoCap studio is built upon more than 20-years of knowledge building world-class video games. Within its walls, we blend our own tech, emerging methods and technologies, and our very own tried and true methods. And, if you're lucky, one of our animators just might slam your head into a wrestling mat someday.

Sound Studio

We drop the beat on every beatdown.

Pushed by their ceaseless drive to get the perfect audio, the team at Monolith are intimately involved with every stage of development. Every clashing blade, every visceral impact, every note of music, and every single screaming Uruk are scored by our expert audio team at the helm of our cutting-edge sound studio. From scoring, to recording, to implementing the files into the game – there's no part of the process where their contributions go unheard. |

Game Time

When we're not making games — we're probably playing them.

Being a developer at Monolith is not just about creating kick-ass games. Sure, we all love making satisfying first-person (virtual) violence, but our devs leave that kind of thing at the office and enjoy more “traditional” hobbies in their free time. After all, crafting fun and entertaining games requires a solid comradery that extends beyond the physical walls of the studio. Whether it’s climbing mountains, gaming online or in person, brewing beer, or dominating in the Seattle Developer Soccer League (now boasting 9 studios), you’ll regularly find our devs socializing outside of work. Here at Monolith we pride ourselves for cultivating a culture of humor, trust, professionalism, and fun. Do you like having fun and doing awesome s***? We thought so. Why don’t you consider joining us?

After Hours

We're a team that loves to play together.

Sporting two teams that take to the pitch weekly, the Rangers and Wraiths, Monolith's soccer culture is very alive and very well. Want to join us? Count yourself in, regardless of your skill level. Interested in watching a few matches from around the world with other developers? Count yourself very in.